There is a tremendous need to improve the dialogue between individuals and organizations if our society is going to thrive during this time of substantial challenges. Diversity need not lead to divisiveness. Indeed, diversity is essential for the creative potential we must access to develop solutions that meet the most needs for all of us. I combine the power of Speaking Circles® with elements of the mediation process to offer clients unique opportunities to transcend the cycles of conflict they have experienced in their lives. For more information, contact me at:

Transcendental Mediation©

My Way Or The Highway

"My way or the highway" is a one-way street. We all want to get our way much of the time. However, demanding complete  compliance all of the time results in a dead-end to improved relationships.

We have the opportunity to transcend this paradigm when we begin to explore more deeply what we really need. What we think we want is not always even in our best interest!

Since I first received training in mediation, I began a personal journey into finding out what I truly value in my life. The answers came from resolving my inner conflicts first.

The transitions I have experienced on that road have been challenging at times. Relationships have evolved and deepened into authentic expressions of mutual respect. Total agreement is irrelevant. More tolerance on my part has led to sharing  more trust and intimacy than I have ever experienced before.

Transcending one-way thinking has resolved both inner and outer conflict for me. I hope to share more of these ideas with you in future posts.