There is a tremendous need to improve the dialogue between individuals and organizations if our society is going to thrive during this time of substantial challenges. Diversity need not lead to divisiveness. Indeed, diversity is essential for the creative potential we must access to develop solutions that meet the most needs for all of us. I combine the power of Speaking Circles® with elements of the mediation process to offer clients unique opportunities to transcend the cycles of conflict they have experienced in their lives. For more information, contact me at:

Speaking Circles®

The terror of stage freight was no laughing matter for Lee Glickstein while he was a stand-up comic. His solution was elegant. He developed Speaking Circles® as a means to move from fear to freedom whenever he needed to engage with others in an authentic manner. His book, Be Heard Now , describes this transformational means of establishing what we now call "Relational Presence" and much more about public speaking.

My interest in conflict resolution inspires me to include Speaking Circles as the starting point on "The Road to New Solutions". I invite you to explore for yourself what this powerful process may lead you to discover about yourself and your relationships to those you love or whom you find more challenging to relate to.

Contact me to discuss forming a Speaking Circle for your group of friends, family or associates.

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