There is a tremendous need to improve the dialogue between individuals and organizations if our society is going to thrive during this time of substantial challenges. Diversity need not lead to divisiveness. Indeed, diversity is essential for the creative potential we must access to develop solutions that meet the most needs for all of us. I combine the power of Speaking Circles® with elements of the mediation process to offer clients unique opportunities to transcend the cycles of conflict they have experienced in their lives. For more information, contact me at:

The Flipside©

Time Wounds All “Heels”!

My nickname is Flip. I have always liked wordplay and exploring situations from “The Flipside”.

Conflict resolution offers an opportunity to view events from a new perspective. All parties are in a common experience of conflict, and each party has a unique viewpoint. Making others wrong may perpetuate the conflict and strain relationships which may need to be maintained.

For us to release judgement about right and wrong can be a challenge when we try to force others to see “our way or the highway”. We may want to punish others for the perceived wrong we believe they perpetrated against us.

Taking the view that we are partners in seeking solutions that work for all interested parties create a new paradigm for transcending differences and finding a way to forgiveness. The behaviors we view as unforgivable may remain even as we are able to forgive the individuals involved.

This freedom allows us to move forward independently and responsibly. The “punishment” we sought is no longer our burden to carry. How others behave is their responsibility and the consequences are theirs to carry. The karma is on a two-way street.

These Boots

You ask about these boots of mine
I see you are concerned
I’ll lay it all upon the line
The lessons I have learned

I wear these boots to work the land
For food or other toil
So taken by the task at hand
I don’t even feel the soil

Hard boots I wear to earn my bread
The measure of my worth
To labor ‘till the day I die
Seems reason for my birth

I had to wear some boots to war
I’m honor-bound to keep
Our country free forevermore
No matter how we weep

Some day my boots may walk the moon
A dream some have for me
But Heaven I shall not see soon
Until they bury me

Yes, boots protect my soul from pain
Of wounds I cannot heal
Each booted step I take, I gain
Less chance to ever feel

Philip Blagg  1993