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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Katie Bar The Door, or not

My Friend Katie

Katie Glennon is the midwife to Express Ways. She embodies the song lyric I heard years ago that says the value of old friends is “...they see where you are and they know where you’ve been.” Katie has stood by me on this Road To New Solutions even when we had to cut our own path through the jungle of old stories we told ourselves that obscured the true vision of what was being created.

Speaking her truth with love and compassion, she encouraged me and cajoled me, teased and scolded me and kept me honest and faithful to my true Self. Her courage emboldened me to take risks, not with building the business, but with dropping the notion of placing a price on my value as a man in this world. When more of us speak to one another with such integrity and clarity my “work” will be revealed as being successful at fulfilling my dream of a world with less conflict and and more authentic relationships.

Express Ways is not a partnership. It is the culmination of a coalition of my very good friends and some people I have had serious challenges dealing with providing me with opportunities to resolve the conflicts in my mind that has led to broken relationships, anger and mistrust. Reconciling the perceptions of blame and shame and projecting onto others that which I am responsible for has been a familiar road I no longer choose to travel. It has been Katie whose voice guided me to and from the space where there are no roads and that landed me back here safely to advance the journey.

Thank you Katie. May our friendship continue from here to beyond our wildest dreams.

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