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Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day Dedication

Memorial Day 2018

Words matter when it comes to issues of war and peace. What is said and how it is said can make all the difference in the world. And to the world. At this perilous time in the world as the United States citizens are memorializing our militaries’ war dead, we have leaders who are fomenting conditions which may lead to many more military and civilian deaths worldwide.

I choose to memorialize this day as the day I begin to Express Ways in which I have been complicit in speaking words that are less than peaceful and the effect that has had in my life and in the world. This blog spot is being dedicated to finding that Road to New Solutions I allude to and which has been so elusive to me.

In mediation, the mediator is to remain neutral and to fully engage in seeking the best interests for all parties involved in a dispute. I have had experience in that realm that i am proud of. 

As a Speaking Circle Facilitator I have used the magic of this process to assist my clients and myself to speak our individual truth with authenticity, opening ourselves to potential Relational Presence with ourselves and with others unlike any process I have known outside of therapy sessions. 

It is these two practices that I find to be compelling me to begin to act as the Peacemaker I have long felt called to be. Not a protester. Not an activist. Not a therapist or minister. A United States citizen who must speak truth to power in a manner that is above the diatribe and debate I see and hear in the “unsocial” media. I encourage dialogue that advances the moral foundation of our country.

I am not always proud to be a US citizen, but I am always grateful. My gratitude extends to our military personnel who gave their all for me to be free to speak.

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