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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Becoming an elder

Closing in on 70

I joke that I was a born mediator. I was born in the middle of the year ( astrologically, we are a Gemini ) in the middle of the century, of medium statue and complexion ( for a white guy ) and with a balance between right and left handedness (equally uncoordinated with both hands). I see things quite readily from different perspectives. This led me to never fully trust or believe anything too certainly. The song lyric saying you must stand for something or you will fall for anything rings true for me.

The sad irony of this is my struggle to speak my truth because I was often told that what I believed was right was really wrong. I mean really wrong. Like life-threatening wrong. Not that I was threatened with literal death by anyone, but I felt a fear of death as I read about and saw other people get killed for expressing their truth.

The Certified Mediator course I took opened my eyes and my mind to a new understanding of conflict and the solutions available through alternative dispute resolution. Participating in Speaking Circles and ultimately becoming a certified facilitator around the same time was a congruence of life-changing opportunities which have led me to this “work” I call Express Ways.

Becoming an elder in many cultures involves rituals that honor and recognize the individual and the wisdom they may bestow upon others. I claim no special wisdom that needs to be honored. It is my honor to share with you the lessons I have learned. You can read “ These Boots” in tab labeled “The Flipside” on this site to get a sense of my perspective in one form of expression.

I hope to use some humor and what some may consider tough talk to drive home the points I want to make on this Road to New Solutions. Mostly I want to respect those with whom I share this life’s journey. I may be getting older, but I refuse to get old in silence. Truth is, what we don’t say is what may kill us. Happy birthday to me.

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