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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Trumpultuous" Times

The 2016 Presidential campaign triggered much angst among many people. Including me. Regardless of our choice of candidate, all Americans and many people around the world witnessed a devolution in communication that is an embarrassment to many citizens of the United States.

This has fired my passion to begin using this site to enhance respectful, effective communication between people with profoundly differing views of the issues and the solutions possible.

Families may be torn apart in a fashion similar to the tragic divisions during the run up and engagement in the Civil War, in which lives were threatened or lost in the heat of the battle of words or in actual battles.

It is imperative to me that I do not regress into dialogues or diatribes that demonize those of differing viewpoints. It is oh, so easy to take that cheap shot at an opponent or their supporter. We must do better.

Over the course of 2017 I will periodically post blogs on this site and may distribute some through email or other means as I learn the technical side of this form of communicating. I intend to develop and make available the tools I have learned to assist all of us on a journey of safe conversation and conflict resolution.

For now, I wish you well and hope we can explore more fully the Road to New Solutions in a respectful, effective manner for the good of all.

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